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Teeth Whitening in Turkey, Antalya


Many patients coming from abroad are choosing Turkey for teeth whitening procedures. Our cosmetic dental specialists at "Toothankamun Cosmetic Dentistry", using the very latest in ‘Zoom Whitening’ dental technology, can provide tooth whitening in about an hour.

The procedure involves our dentist cleaning and checking the patient’s teeth. The patient’s gums are then given protection before a tooth whitening gel is then applied to the teeth. Using the latest technology, and under the proper supervision of our dentist, the gel is subjected to the world-renowned, ‘Zoom’ lazer teeth whitening light. This process can whiten the teeth by three or four grades.

Tooth colour varies from person to person. Cigarette smoking, excessive tea, coffee and acidic beverage consumtion, the lack of sufficient attention to dental hygiene and care can lead to yellowing or staining of the teeth. In some cases, structural defects in the womb or in childhood, or continuous use of medication may also cause dental colour variations. The ‘Zoom’ lazer whitening process is the expeditious and most economical procedure for all such cases.

In some extreme cases, the patient will be asked to use a whitening treatment applied at home while undergoing laser whitening at our clinic. In such cases, our cosmetic dentists, in cooperation with our laboratory technicians, will be able to explain how to apply and store the gel.

Two reasons for discoloured teeth;

Inner Colouration

If the patient is unable to achieve whiter teeth after following a proper oral and dental health regime (such as brushing and flossing), then the discolouration is probably caused by various medications, a congenital disorder or from the use of antibiotics.

External Coloration

Staining and yellowing of the teeth can be caused by bad oral hygiene, smoking, frequent drinking of tea, coffee, and acidic and sugary beverages.

There are four treatment methods for whitening teeth;

1. Home tooth whitening
2. Laser teeth whitening
3. A combination of home and clinic tooth whitening
4. ‘Zoom’ tooth whitening

For quicker results, patient’s prefer to have their teeth whitening procedure done under the control of the dentist at our clinic. However, the most effective procedure is the combination of treatment done in the clinic with further treatment done at home. Also available at our clinic is the popular ‘Zoom’ laser tooth whitening procedure, the latest in dental technology.

How to apply tooth whitening at home?

The dentist will take an impression of the patient’s teeth and prepare special trays, a bleaching gel is added for later use. The dentist will give the patient instructions on how to use the trays, but generally the patient will keep a prepared tray in the mouth for four to ten hours daily, with the treatment lasting between two to three weeks

The tooth whitening procedure at our clinic;

This clinically applied bleaching method involves the dentist thoroughly cleaning the patient’s teeth before applying a bleaching gel. This gel is activated by shining a UV light or laser onto the gel, therefore whitening the teeth. This treatment is usually achieved after several sessions at our clinic.

A combination of home and clinical teeth whitening;

This method of treatment consists of the combination of the ‘Home Kit’ dental whitening treatment, that the patient under guidance from the dentist (see above) will perform at home, and the laser dental whitening treatment performed by the dentist in our clinic. This treatment is usually used for persistent tooth discolouration. or to provide a lasting white smile for our patients from abroad.

‘Zoom’ tooth whitening;

Always aware of what our patient’s require, "Toothankamun Cosmetic Dentistry" now provides the internationally recognised ‘Zoom’ Tooth Whitening treatment. In a process that only takes a few hours, this unique whitening experience is applied by our cosmeticians after thoroughly cleansing the patient’s teeth, and can lighten the colour of the pateint’s teeth by three or four tones.

Tooth whitening aftercare;

After the whitening procedure has been completed, the patient must avoid smoking, and dark staining beverages; such as tea, coffee, red wine – and avoid foods; such as cakes and strawberries for at least two months. Failure to do so will cause adverse reactions and further dental staining.

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