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Dental Implants in Turkey, Antalya

We at Toothankamun Cosmetic Dentistry have been providing dental implant treatment for our international patients. Patients have been coming to our dental clinic in Turkey for treatment from all over the world.

We know the importance of offering comfort to our patients while they undergo our high quality dental treatment. One such example is that we offer general anaesthesia to our patients with dental phobia. This is administered to patients by experienced anaesthetists, accompanied by professional nurses, in one of our two, hospital standard, operating theatres.

We offer only the best internationally recognised Implant brands

With the latest technological dental equipment, allows us to offer a unique dental health experience for patients visiting our dental clinic.

We guarantee satisfaction not only from the standard of care to our patients, but also at prices that are approximately 70% cheaper than in the UK, USA and other European countries. And that is across the board whether the patient needs a single implant, or a complete implant restoration of the upper and lower jaws.

Why Turkey for my dental implants?

» Firstly, the cost of having dental implants here is significantly much lower than the UK and other European countries. By following the European Community Health Standards, we offer high-quality dental treatment with the same medical standards for 70% less cost. Most of our international patients seek specialised healthcare, which may be unavailable or inadequate in their homeland, and also to avoid long waiting times and high prices.

» We use the best quality, ‘A’ Grade, dental Implants from brands in Switzerland, Germany and the USA, all of which come with a lifetime guarantee. We also offer our patients Computer Guided Implants, which require less surgery, less discomfort, and no swelling, and which do not require sutures. "Toothankamun Cosmetic Dentistry" has been performing Dental Implant surgery.

» Based in Antalya, we offer a highly trained dental team, using the very latest dental technology and international standard implants for a fraction of the price.

» With everything under one roof, we are able to give high quality implant treatment in a fraction of the time offered by other clinics and other countries.

» To guarantee the patient’s satisfaction we offer implants from leading international brands.

» We offer a Life-Time Guarantee for our dental implants.

» Before treatment commences, a personal treatment plan and costing will be presented to the patient. All services, conditions and fees in that treatment plan are fixed, so whatever occurs during treatment, that costing will not change. Contact us immediately for valid payment methods and appropriate payment terms.

» If the patient has any doubts before contacting us, we direct them to our patient’s satisfaction page on our website. Here the future patient may review other international patient’s thoughts about their treatment with us.

» "Toothankamun Cosmetic Dentistry" provides two in-house and fully equipped operating theatres, where we safely administer general anaesthesia for patients suffering from dental phobias.

» The patient’s dental holiday will offer plenty of time, in between dental appointments. to enjoy a holiday in Antalya and its environs.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is inserted into the jawbone in place of a lost tooth or teeth, this merges with the bony tissue to serve as a natural tooth root. Titanium used in implants is considered a tissue-friendly material by the body. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia without the patient feeling any discomfort.

Unlike crowns and dentures, an implant allows for better speaking and chewing functions, while at the same time, keeps the contours of the face looking natural. This treatment can be used at any age after bone development has been completed (16-17 Years of age in girls, and 18 for boys). There is no upper age limit for adults. An implant can be utilised by anyone with good general health. The elderly tend to lose more teeth and generally have some bone loss in the jaw, as a result, this age group is more likely to require implants.

Implant threads come in specific thicknesses and widths. The quality of the bone in the jaw is important, and the jawbone must have a height and width that fit the implant on the site of insertion. Without these considerations, an implant may not be successful.

A Dental Implant comes as three units;

Implant: a threaded titanium implant inserted into the tooth socket
Abutment: a post is attached after the healing of the site
Crown: attachment of the new permanent tooth.

By using the most advanced technology (Tomography 3-D CD together with specific software), we can measure the patient’s bone to assess what implant actions are required. We offer the latest computer guided implant technology to our patients, the advantages of this procedure are; less time spent in the dental chair, less discomfort and no stitches or swelling. The A-grade dental implants we use come from international brands, manufactured in Switzerland, Germany and the USA.

How many teeth can be replaced with dental implants?

There is no limit to how many teeth can be replaced in a healthy mouth. Not every tooth requires an implant, if one or several teeth need replacing, a bridge between implants is recommended.

There are many options available; with dental implants we can replace a whole arch, a row of teeth and even a complete set of teeth. If a patient has lost all of their upper teeth they would need 8–10 implants inserted into the upper jaw.

What do you need to know about dental implants?

For the patient considering dental implants, there are four things they need to know:

» Dental implants have a high rate of success. In general, they have an estimated 98% success rate, but this varies depending on the capabilities of the dentist, the health of the patient, and in what part of the jawbone the implant will be placed.

» Dental implants, with crowns attached, appear identical to the patient’s natural teeth, as they are customized to match the natural teeth, looking and feeling like the real thing.

» Eating is easy as dental implants are anchored into the jaw. There is no difficulty or discomfort when eating, and no slipping, sliding or falling as with standard dentures.

» Implants serve as a replacement tooth root. When the root of a tooth is missing, the jawbone will gradually start to lose bone mass and density – this happens with standard bridges and dentures. However, with dental implants, the titanium screw acts as a faux tooth root. The jawbone is coerced into thinking that the tooth root is still there, and begins to grow new tissue around it, keeping the jawbone from deteriorating.

» Dental Implants do not need the aid of healthy teeth to affix a dental prosthesis – the bridges, crowns or dentures can be secured to the titanium implant itself without interfering with the other healthy teeth.

Benefits of having teeth implant treatment in Turkey?

» The look, function and feeling of a dental implant is just the same as that of a natural tooth
» More aesthetic
» No possibility of decay
» More hygienic than a bridge, and easier to clean
» Implant over-dentures allow for better chewing and speaking function compared to conventional dentures,
» A missing tooth can be fixed in place without manipulating the adjacent healthy teeth
» Prevent bone loss and gum recession
» For those patients with normal dentures, having implant surgery will provide a complete set of dentures supported by implants improving the patient’s quality of life.
» Treatment is up to 70% cheaper than in Europe and the USA

After implantation;

Many patients return to their normal, everyday life on the same day of the implant being inserted. It will be necessary for the patient to wait for between 2-4 months for the bone to grow around the implant before attaching the final crown/bridge.

Will I feel any discomfort during the insertion of an implant?

If the appropriate anaesthetic has been administered (as with any dental procedures) you will not feel any discomfort. You may feel a slight ache after the implantation (similar to that after tooth removal), and this may be relieved with a simple analgesic on the evening after the implant has been inserted.

Are implants suitable for everyone?

A dental implant is suitable for anyone whose general health is good, and there is no upper age limit for inserting an implant. However, the insertion of a dental implant may not be suitable for very young patients who have not yet completed their bone development.

Implants come in a specific thickness and width. Therefore, the jawbone must have a height and width that allow the implant to be fitted.

In addition, the quality of bone is another factor that affects the success of a dental implant. If the bone is too hard or too soft, the success of a dental implant is adversely affected. Attention to the gums and adjacent anatomic structures are important for the insertion of dental implants.

Are implants durable?

Studies of dental implants go back to early 1800s. Currently, there are implants that are almost perfect, and for which clinical follow-up has been implemented over the last 35-40 years.

If a correctly selected dental implant is properly inserted, and if the patient takes the necessary care of their oral hygiene, the implant may remain in the mouth for a long period of time without causing any problems. However, it must be stressed that the quality of the dental implant is important. In our clinic we use the highest quality, ‘A’ Grade. dental implants manufactured by important brands in Switzerland, Germany and the USA

Are dental implants likely to fail?

The dentist should assess the general health of the patient and assess the implant insertion site prior to starting the procedure. Insertion of dental implants should be avoided in some patients (e.g. those with diabetes mellitus). The success rate for dental implants is lower in individuals that smoke, and/or who do not take the necessary care of their oral hygiene.

If a careful assessment has been made for the dental implant, and if the patient takes the necessary oral care, dental implants last for many years without any problems.

Non surgical implants (computer guided implant)

Advanced technology now includes dental simulation software and surgical guides, the use of 3-D images and pre-procedure planning, thus eliminating any risks and uncertainty for the dental surgeon. A very precise surgical guide, moulded to the shape of the patient’s upper, or lower jaw, can be prepared on the computer. When placed in the patient’s mouth this will clearly show the dentist the correct angle and position for inserting the implant.

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