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Toothankamun Antalya

Dental Bridge in Turkey, Antalya

Treatment for a dental bridge involves creating multiple crowns joined together, these are anchored on healthy teeth on either side of a gap created by one or more missing teeth. As a full set of teeth are in harmony with each other, when a tooth is lost, the structure and appearance of the surrounding teeth will be affected over time.

For example, if a tooth is missing in the lower jaw, the corresponding upper tooth may tend to drop downwards. The healthy teeth abutting the lost tooth may lean over towards the gap, causing disruption to the patient’s ability to chew correctly. Over an extended period of time this will cause major deterioration to the configuration of the teeth. Dental bridges are very important to maintain the structural integrity in the mouth.

Our expert technicians at Turkey’s most experienced dental clinic, "Toothankamun Cosmetic Dentistry", can create extremely high quality dental bridges that fit perfectly and will last many years.

Dental bridges are easy to maintain, a daily oral care routine of brushing and flossing is recommended.

Why is a Dental Bridge required?

» For teeth with extreme decay
» Replacement treatment for lost teeth
» For patients with a chewing disorder
» For advanced gum disorders
» To correct jaw or joint disorders
» To bridge areas of bone loss
» For patients requiring complete implant treatment
» To support weak teeth

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