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Composite Fillings in Turkey, Antalya

Composite fillings have many advantages compared to metal fillings. The colour of composite fillings can be chosen to match the natural tooth colour of the patient. Whereas the older, Amalgam fillings are mercury based, which make the tooth look grey in colour.

Composite fillings bond better to the tooth structure and are much stronger than those made of Amalgam, they also transmit the light better, making them aesthetically pleasing.

It is important to know that it is our policy NOT TO USE the metal-based Amalgam fillings in our clinic here in Turkey. With the advantages mentioned above, we only use composite fillings when treating our patients.

What is a White Filling?

Macroscopically, two or more materials, which may include quartz, silicon dioxide and zirconia, are mixed and bonded to a resin before being applied to the tooth.

Initially this filling material was only used for front (anterior) tooth fractures, but with later technological advances, the newer materials produced could withstand the heavy chewing subjected to the rear molars.

What are the Advantages of White Fillings?

» The structure of the composite white filling material is that it is much stronger and has more durability than metal fillings.
» When the decayed part of the tooth has been removed it leaves a lend cavity. In the past metal fillings were used to fill the cavity area, and it was necessary for the dentist to create a suitable surface to receive the metal filling, thus eroding the tooth further. However, this process has been eliminated for composite fillings, as the material will attach to any surface.
» White fillings do not create any cracks or fissures in the tooth when subjected to pressure.
» The white filling material creates a better seal with the tooth, protecting it from any possible leakage.
» The dentist can create the realistic shape of a tooth, as the white filling material is very malleable, and can only be hardened by exposure to intense light after the sculpting has been completed.
» As with amalgam fillings, there is no staining of the surrounding tissues.
» The white composite filling material is very versatile.

Who Benefits From Composite Fillings?

» Those with spaces between their teeth
» Those who want to change their tooth colour and/or shape
» Those with dental cavities
» Those whose teeth sizes are irregular, and wish for an even smile
» Those with dental fractures

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