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All on 4™ – Completed in only 2 days

Our clinic has had a special interest in cosmetic and implant dentistry in Antalya.

With our international patients always in mind, we at Toothankamun can now offer full "All-on-Four" dental implant treatment in as little as two days. Using Advanced Dental Art techniques, together with our experienced dental surgeons, will professionally restructure the patient’s bite resulting in a permanent and aesthetic smile.

The “All-On-4 ™” dental implant treatment involves the fixing of acrylic veneers onto a prosthesis, which, in turn is attached to dental implants to ensure a perfect cosmetic result. The acrylic veneers used are extremely robust, and unlike a normal prosthesis, will blend the gingival colour seamlessly with the patient’s own palate, providing a flawless and comfortable fit. After the two-day treatment has been completed the patient will be able to return to their usual social life bearing a wonderfully perfect smile.

The Benefits of ‘All-on-4’ Dental Implants

» Under normal circumstances, the implant and aesthetic treatment can be completed within 2 days, saving the patient expense and time.

» Whether the patient needs tooth extractions or not, the treatment will be completed within two days.

» The robust bonding of acrylic veneers to implants allows the patient comfort and well being.

» This ‘All-On-4’ treatment is available for patients with healthy bone structure and with gums free from infection.

» Dental hygiene regime is simple and straightforward.

» The final result will offer comfort, and the aesthetically designed result will increase the patient’s quality of life.

» Patients with healthy bone structure and gums will avoid extra costly treatments, such as: Sinus lift, Bone Graft and Membrane treatment.

» The patient is free to change their acrylic veneers for porcelain veneers at a later date.

» The patient can say goodbye to uncomfortable and ill-fitting dentures.

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